Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander is one of Canada’s leading administrative and constitutional lawyers. For the past two years, his practice has been devoted exclusively to representing doctors in Canada and the United States who are being persecuted by professional colleges, regulatory bodies and governments for speaking out against the public Covid-19 narrative. Prior to this iteration of his career, Michael worked as General Counsel for a venture capital firm and as senior counsel for a boutique civil litigation firm. He has appeared at all levels of the court system, including the Supreme Court of Canada, where he obtained a rare unanimous judgment against State Farm (U.S.) in 2005, which had the effect of saving homeowners and mortgage investors hundreds of millions of dollars in new insurance premiums.

Michael holds law degrees from the University of Toronto and Columbia University, where he also studied political science and philosophy at the graduate level. While holding the Laidlaw Fellowship in Law and Political Science, he also studied at the University of Chicago. When not practising law, Michael moonlights as a best-selling author, professional public speaker and media commentator. He is currently at work on his third book, entitled “Whatever You Do, Don’t Think Like a Lawyer.”