Her journey began in her early twenties, which should have been “the best years of her life” but instead were plagued with chronic hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, food sensitivities and more. Sick of being sick all the time, she sought help from Western medicine [sick care and disease management system] which suggested heart ablation and prescription drugs for life as the solution. She opted out and instead began her journey of self-healing and in time accomplished what her Western doctors said she could not do: healing herself of all her ailments.

Barbara has facilitated many health-related workshops, cooking classes, and educated many private clients with practical skills and knowledge, leaving them feeling empowered to work towards and achieve self-healing by using food as medicine.

Since the beginning of the plandemic, she saw through the deception and lies, and instead chose to continue to educate her clients on how to maintain and improve a healthy immune system. In the spring of 2021, due to the restriction mandates, her eatery B.Love was forced to close. She continues her mission to educate herself in order to serve her clients and the public at large, especially on how to help the “vaccine” injured.